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Minecraft Dungeons Cloudy Climb APK | Free Download

Minecraft Dungeons Cloudy Climb

The Cloudy climb is the first seasonal adventure of Minecraft dungeons. Mojang has released this season in December 2021. After the story of Orb of Dominance, Seasonal adventures give you a new way to get progress through the game and increase your rank. Now it’s time to enjoy the game in a brand-new way.

The cloudy climb has a different way to play the game rather than Minecraft dungeons. Also, the game has weekly missions, which are changed regularly. You can face a brand new mission after every week. The cloudy climb has two types of features in Minecraft dungeons. Some of them are free and others are premium. You need to paid for the premium features.

We design a modified version of the game. Which is fully identical to the original game. Our apk version has all the free features and premium features. You can play all premium features without paying. You can free download Minecraft dungeons cloudy climb apk from our website. Just click on the download button and enjoy your game without paying.

minecraft dungeons cloudy climb free download

Minecraft Dungeons Cloudy Climb Gameplay

The cloudy climb has different gameplay in the Minecraft dungeons. It has weekly challenges. You can get points by completing these challenges. With the help of points, you can increase your rank and get rewards. The challenges changes on weekly bases. After every week you have brand new challenges to play.

Mojang also introduces a tier system in the Seasonal Adventure. The cloudy climb has also the tier system in the Minecraft dungeons. With the help of the points that you get by completing challenges, you can increase your tiers in the game. The game is all about the weekly challenges and collecting points.

Minecraft Dungeons Cloudy Climb Features

The Adventure Rank

The adventure rank is a new feature in the game. The developers introduced a brand-new progression system that adds an extra layer to your daily gameplay. In the normal gameplay and in-game events that are called weekly challenges, you can earn adventure points.

With the help of adventure points, you can unlock a wide range of new player rewards in a level-based grid. You can also increase your adventure rank by collecting more points. With the help of a higher adventure rank, you can unlock more rewards.

The Rewards

There is a place named Adventure Hub, where you can unlock the rewards that you earn by hunting monsters and collecting points. A lot of rewards are added in the game like flairs, pets, emotes, skins, and capes. So, the rewards in the adventure come in all forms. Also, the rewards will vary from season to season.

The rewards are divided into two different types. One of them is free rewards and the other one is premium rewards. The premium rewards can be unlocked by purchasing an Adventure Pass. But we have already added these premium rewards in our free modified version.

The Tower

The Tower is the most important feature in the cloudy climb season of Minecraft dungeons. it’s also the best place to get adventure points. The tower has 30 different floors. As you climb up the upper floors, they will become even more harder. You must fight with mobs and bosses on the different floors.

The tower is not like a park where you go and walk. Every floor has a new different challenge and there’s also a risk of failure. Maybe you failed in your first attempt, but you can try a different strategy in your next attempt. Also, the tower will change its floors and interior in every three weeks.

minecraft dungeons cloudy climb apk

Download Guide

As you know the game has some premium features. Also, some rewards are available in premium mode. you must need pay to enjoy these features in real life money. But if you want to enjoy the game and its all-premium features for free you can download the free game from our website.

We design a modified version of this game. In which we added all premium features for free. You just need to follow the following instruction to download our modified version.

  • Firstly, open settings on your device and click on unknown sources.
  • Then go to the security option.
  • Now enable the security options.
  • After this, go to our website and click on the download button.
  • After completing the download open file manager on your device.
  • Now go to the download folder and open apk files folder.
  • After this find the download file and click on it.
  • Now you may receive a security message about a security threat, but you did not feel to worry about it because our apk file is virus free.
  • Now you can see an installation button, click on it.
  • After clicking on the installation button, you will see in-game instructions.
  • Follow these instructions.
  • After completing the installation, you can enjoy your free game.

About Our MOD

We design a modified version of the game which has all the game features. Specially, we add all premium features in our version. Our version of this game is fully identical to the original game. Also, our version is virus free. There is no such virus in our game, you can download it without any hesitation.

As the game has some premium features, which you need to purchase. But our modified version is totally free. You did not need to pay for it or even have all the free premium features in our game. We design this modified game for Minecraft lovers, and we give it for free.


The estimated time to complete all achievements in the game is about 15 to 20 hours. It’s up to you how long you will take it.

By collecting points, you can increase your adventure rank. It’s also allowing you to unlock rewards.

Yes, the game is available for free, but the game has some premium features, which you need to buy. But you can download the game from our website where we give you a modified version of the game with all premium features for free.

You can unlock the tower after completing the squid coast mission for the first time.

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