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Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths APK Version-Free Download

Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths

Minecraft dungeons hidden depths is a DLC release by Mojang in May 2021. It is also a paid DLC. It’s the fifth DLC in this game edition. After Howling Peaks and Flames of the Nether, it is the third Season Pass DLC. Minecraft dungeons hidden depths take place in an ocean biome.

As previous versions in Minecraft dungeons, hidden depths is also paid DLC. So, you need to pay for it. But as always, we designed a modified edition of this DLC. Which is entirely identical to the original game. Now you can free download Minecraft dungeons hidden depths apk by just clicking on the download button. We offer fully unblocked and free Minecraft editions.

minecraft dungeons hidden depths apk


With Minecraft dungeons hidden depths, now you can dive into your next underwater adventure. A splinter from the Orb of Dominance on an awful current now awakens creatures, that have long sleep below the waves.

It is fully up to you to free the tides from the vortex and surge of corruption. The squad of sunken and drowned enemies sneaks among the lost treasure. So, you must remain attentive under pressure. Underwater darkness is also a hurdle in your way.

Also, the ocean’s darkness and natural beauty can easily distract you from the dangers of the deep. So, you need to be careful of that. Also, new artifacts, gear, and weapons will make a great positive effect on you. So, just dive into it and start your underwater experience.


The Minecraft dungeons hidden depths appear around a small group of islands, the special thing is that it appears underwater. Below the largest island is a mountain filled with a coral reef and a wreckage. The deeper below, on the west, is a sea tomb that harbors an ancient guardian.

On the east side, there is an underwater volcano surrounded by lava, glowing tealights and light, and a very large fossil. Compared to other missions, the mission in the Minecraft dungeons hidden depths is very huge. There are about fifteen secrets in the Coral Rise alone.

Also, a cutscene is an abyssal monument, in which an ancient guardian breaks through its own lair. Also, it starts the boss fight. This boss fight is the only boss fight with a cutscene, apart from the Vengeful Heart of Ender.

Hidden Depths map

Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths Features

  • Firstly, and most importantly, new underwater missions
  • New gear and weapons
  • Also new artifacts
  • Surprisingly two new skins
  • Also, a baby turtle pet
  • New enemies
  • Also, a mix of new salty mobs

Minecraft Dungeons Hidden Depths Missions

Hidden Depths: Coral Rise

In Minecraft dungeons hidden depths, the coral rise is the first mission in this DLC. Coral rise is filled with life and breathtaking sights. Also, you can find grants access to the Radiant Ravine mission.

Hidden Depths: Abyssal Monument

The abyssal monument is the second mission in this DLC of the game version. So, in this mission, you have to face the guardian. Also, claim its treasure for your own. Now an abyssal monument is a mission in which you can harbor the Ancient Guardian boss.

Hidden Depths: Radiant Ravine

The radiant ravine is the secret mission in this edition like previous versions have their own secret missions. You can unblock this mission from the secret scroll in Coral Rise.

minecraft dungeons hidden depths mod

About Minecraft dungeons hidden depths APK

As hidden depths is a paid DLC like previous versions of Minecraft. So, you need to pay for it. Without paying you cannot enjoy its gameplay. Also, all premium features are paid for. But we design a specially modified version of this game.

Our apk is totally free. You did not need to pay for anything in our version of this game. you can free download Minecraft dungeons hidden depths by just clicking on the download button. Also, we add all premium features, which you can play for free.

Our apk is virus free. It will not damage your device. So, you can download and install it without any hesitation. Also, our apk has a very low size as compared to the original game. But our apk is fully identical to the original game.

minecraft dungeons hidden depths free download

How to Download

You did not need to pay to download this game as the original version is a paid one. So, You can free download it from our website. Now you just need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, go to device settings on your device.
  • Now open unknown source.
  • After this, open the security option.
  • Now enable the security option.
  • After that, open our website and click on the download button.
  • After the download completes, open the file manager on your device.
  • Now go to apk files.
  • After this, click on the downloaded file.
  • You may receive a pop-up message about a security threat, but you did not need to worry because our apk is virus free.
  • Now you will find an installation button.
  • Click on the installation button and start installing.
  • After installation completes, you can enjoy the gameplay.


There are three new levels in this edition. All levels are underwater missions. You can enjoy the gorgeous underwater environment in this game.

This is a paid DLC, which is available for $5.99. It is also included in Season Pass. But you can download it free from our website. We offer free apk files for Minecraft.

The Ender Dragon is a boss. It appears in a boss fight in Minecraft dungeons End DLC.

Yes, the trident is a weapon in this edition. A trident is a weapon used in melees and ranged combat fights. And also, it is a rare drop from drowning.

All dungeons DLC are paid DLCs of Minecraft. But we offer free apk files of these editions. You can free download all versions of the game from our website.

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