minecraft dungeons luminous night

Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal Adventures: Luminous Night

Minecraft Dungeons Luminous Night

The luminous night is the second season of the Minecraft dungeons seasonal adventures. Mojang released this season in April 2022. After the cloudy climb, you can explore the tower in this edition as you have never seen it before. A lot of new features has added in this edition.

As the first season has two types of features. The luminous night also has two types of features. One of them is free and available for everyone. But the second one is paid and if you want to enjoy them, you need to buy the premium features. This season is available on the official website as well as on the Google Play Store.

We design a modified version of this edition. In which we include all free features. We also include all premium features. Premium features are free available in our mod version. You can enjoy them without paying for them. You can free download Minecraft dungeons luminous night apk from our website.

minecraft dungeons luminous night apk

Minecraft Dungeons Luminous Night Gameplay

Now the night has fallen over the adventures camp with the mysterious symbols over the towers’ murals. It’s the time to explore new things before it ends. The luminous night has come with a lot of new features to explore. The night also features plenty of radiant rewards that will light up your surroundings.

Like the previous season, this season is also free and has additional rewards, but it also has some premium rewards. That you need to purchase. The most amazing feature of it is a brand-new feature storage chest.

The storage chest is a fancy container in the camp. That can store your items in it. Anything you stored inside the storage chest will travel with you. Whenever you need your stored stuff in the game you can bring it out from the container. But you need to make sure to keep your items safe.

Inspiring Elements

Minecraft Dungeons Luminous Night Rewards

This season brings a lot of brand-new rewards for Minecraft lovers. You just need to find them during your journey on this mysterious night. A small list of some new rewards is following:

  • Ministrosity and abomination pets
  • Plenty of shiny new emotes
  • Also new skins
  • Brand new flairs

Minecraft Dungeons Luminous Night Pets

As the Mojang has added new pets to the game. So, the list of new pets are following:

  • Glowing mini-Abomination
  • Glowing ministrosity
  • Stone ministrosity
  • Redstone misitrosity
  • Mole
  • Axolotl
  • Golden axolotl
  • Wild axolotl


The wildfire is a new mob in the game. Originally the Mojang wants to include it in the Flames of the Nether. But unfortunately, due to lack of time, it can’t happen. Now finally it added in the luminous night. Now it feels like a natural fit for the game. It is a bigger mob with stronger shields and bulkier health.

The most amazing thing about the wildfire is, it has four shields. If you want to damage the wildfire you need to destroy its all shields. Without destroying its all shields you can not attack its health directly. If the wildfire found contact with the fire it will regenerate its health and also can make new shields to protect itself.

minecraft dungeons luminous night wildfire


The game has a lot of amazing features. Some of them are the following:

  • New pets
  • Also new skins and flairs
  • Also new shiny emotes
  • Brand new storage chest
  • Amazingly wildfire
  • Also new rewards

Download Guide

As you know, the game has two types of features. One of them is free and the other one is paid. Also, some rewards are available in premium mode. if you want to enjoy the premium features and premium rewards you need to pay for them in real-life money.

But if you want to enjoy these premium features and rewards for free. You can download the modified game from our website. We add all premium features and rewards for free in this modified version of the game. follow the following instructions to download our modified version.

  • Open settings on your device.
  • Then click on the unknown sources.
  • Then click on the unknown sources.
  • After this, go to our website and click on the download button.
  • Now you need to wait to complete the download.
  • After completing the download, go to the file manager on your device.
  • Now open the download folder and go to the apk files folder.
  • Now click on the download file.
  • You may receive a pop-up message about the security threat, but our modified version is a virus free so you can ignore this message.
  • Now click on the installation button.
  • After completing the installation, you can enjoy your free game.

About Our MOD

The most special thing about our mod is we add all premium features to it. In the original game the premium features and the premium rewards and available in paid mode. But in our version of the game, these premium features and premium rewards are available for free inside the game. you can enjoy them without paying for anything.

Our mod is also fully identical to the game. We design the same features and graphics in our version. Also, our version of this game is virus free. You did not feel any hesitation about the viruses in the apk file. We design a virus-free apk. That will not harm your devices.


The luminous night is the second seasonal adventure in the Minecraft dungeons. It features a mysterious night inside the game. you can explore the tower at the night and also explore new rewards.

Yes, it is a DLC of seasonal adventures that unlock the premium track in the Adventure Hub. You can download it from the original website and also from the Google Play Store.

The tower is unlocked after the hero completes the squid coast mission for the first them. After unlocking the tower you can explore it.

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