Minecraft pocket edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition-Free Download APK- For Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft pocket edition is the latest version of the Minecraft game. Remember when you play Minecraft on your Pc? The graphics, sound, and gameplay of the game are very charming and engaging. Minecraft pocket edition is far better than Minecraft.

Download Minecraft free for android from our website. And you will be able to play it on your smartphones. We design a fully unblocked mod of the game and add all the features. We design this mod according to the classic Minecraft game. Also, this mod is specially designed for android users.

minecraft pocket edition for android


  • The most amazing thing about this mod is its graphics. Basically, The graphics are the same as the classic Minecraft.
  • The graphics of this mod is colorful and attractive. Basically, We design graphics in a classic way which makes gameplay more attractive and charming.
  • Basically, We design this apk in 3D graphics blocked and 3D animations.
  • The background music makes the game even more exciting and enjoyable.
  • Minecraft pocket edition has all the features e.g. crafting, hunting, combat, exploration, and resource gathering within the game.
  • Also, The game has various modes like survival and creative mode.
  • Survival mode is the easiest mode for beginners. In this mode, you only need to protect yourself from enemies. you can do this by building structures to live in them.
  • The creative mode is best for gamers. In this mode, you can build significant structures by collecting resources.
  • Also, A Multiplayer mode is available in this game. So You can enjoy gameplay with your friends.
  • This Minecraft apk is also lightweight and easy to play on smartphones.
  • Obviously, We offer Minecraft mod free download for android devices.
  • There is no virus or security threat to your personal data on your devices.

New Features

  • You can explore new villages.
  • We add new cities on the map.
  • There are new resources to collect.
  • Also several new threats and enemies.
  • New refined trading system in the villages.
  • After all, New touchscreen interface for smartphone users.
minecraft for android

Multiplayer Option

Minecraft pocket edition is also available in multiplayer option. As it’s the time for online multiplayer games. So now You can play with your friends.


You can play with up to 10 friends cross-platform, anywhere, anytime on realms. In realms, you have your own private servers hosted by Mojang.


In this option, you can play with up to 4 friends with a free Xbox live account. Playing with friends is more enjoyable.


You can play with hundreds of other players by joining free massive multiplayer servers. There are different maps you just need to choose one and dive into it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • The updated graphics are more attractive and colorful.
  • Background music is far better than the classic Minecraft.
  • Also, Easily play on smartphones.
  • Also, a Free download is available on our website.
  • After the update, the gameplay becomes more charming.


  • Playing all day would feel tired and bored.

How to Install

  • To install this game, you need to go to the setting on your smartphone.
  • Open the security option and go to the unknown sources inside.
  • Enable this option, sometimes you get a pop-up message about a warning, but you do not need to worry.
  • This Minecraft mod is fully safe and has no virus, you can download it without worrying about a security threat.
  • Now click on the download button on our website to start downloading Minecraft free.
  • Wait to complete the download.
  • Go to file manager on your phone after downloading complete.
  • Go to the android folder and search for the downloaded file.
  • Open this file and click on the install button.
  • You can enjoy the game on your phone after completing the installation.

About Our Mod

By downloading our modified version, you can log into the game without any error message. Our Minecraft apk will be completely identical to the original one.

Minecraft pocket edition’s latest version is available in this Minecraft mod, by Minecraft download you can play this game for free with all premium contents that have been unblocked. Visit our website to download Minecraft for free as we offer Minecraft free download.


Obviously, this Minecraft apk is fully free, and you do not need to pay any charges to anyone for playing this game.

Obviously, The Minecraft pocket edition is designed for android users to play on mobile phones using the touchscreen. So this version is completely identical to real Minecraft having all the actual features.

Obviously, the pocket edition of Minecraft is specially designed for mobile users. It has touchscreen gameplay for smartphones.

Generally, The game is designed for smartphones. But if you want to play it on your Pc, you need to download a good android emulator on your Pc.

Our mod version is totally free, you can download it from our website and play it for free.

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